PLAY – The Showroom at Senayan City

In our continuing effort to improve on our “story telling” to a larger new audience on a daily basis, the existence of a dedicated showroom in Jakarta has become more important now than ever before.


We feel that it is to our best interest to have a showroom that will serve as permanent A/V show through out the years. Understanding the nature of our business, the most effective sales tool for our product category is by selling “the experience” to our connoisseur, many of whom may not necessarily be an audiophile or hobbyist, but only people with a certain particular lifestyle.


PLAY (established in 2006) serves as a permanent showcase and educational center both for end users and also our dealers. We aim to own the ears, eyes and heart of our customer by incorporating smart design, controls / automations, and of course ultimately a “sound good - look good - feel good” environment.


We welcome you to visit our showroom and experience the difference.


We include on board relevant parties from different fields of expertise; such as:


Main menu of PLAY includes:


Understanding our main strength in high quality A/V gears, we aim to achieve a World Class standard in PLAY. Some of the very special item rarely found (globally) can be found in our showroom for demo.